Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Often Church festivals are judged upon how much money it generates; but
there are far greater measures of its worth such as community, collaboration,
and sharing the mission of Christ through hard work and self-sacrifice. Based
on all these measures, Sts Peter and Paul’s Septemberfest was a roaring
success. Credit begins with God, our Almighty Father, who provided us with three rain-free days
filled with fun, laughter, and friendship. Next, a huge thank you goes out to our festival committee
who has spent the last 10 months planning and preparing for Septemberfest. Please say “thank you”
to them for all their efforts. This year’s committee included: Cody and Sara Gertz, Dean and Katie
Freson, Rick and Michelle Ellison, Jimmy and Karie Gallo, Kris and Desi Ralston, Becky Brooks, and
Kevin and Mary Ann Mattscheck. A special thank you to all the booth captains who spent countless
hours preparing and running their booths along with all who helped in some way, either great or
small. It is always amazing what our community can do when we bond together as one for a
common goal. The final financial results will be published in the bulletin in a few weeks once all bills
have been paid. Once again, thanks to everyone who prayed, worked, and patronized our parish
festival. God’s blessings are truly upon us!
In Christ Jesus, Fr. Matt