Finance Committee

Finance Committee

A consultative body established  to advise and assist the pastor and the Parish Pastoral Council in matters pertaining to financial affairs of the parish including but not limited to preparation of a budget, review of financial reports and making recommendations concerning the viability of large item maintenance and project expenditures.  Membership is by appointment by the pastor and limited to active members of the parish.  The relationship between the pastor and the committee is one of support and collaboration.  The authority of the pastor, as defined by Canon Law, to act on behalf of the parish, is not changed by the establishment of this committee.

Building and Grounds Committee

To advise the pastor, finance council and facilities manager regarding the maintenance of parish properties and to study the necessity and/or advisability of certain building projects.

Current Members are:

Bob Ashbrock – Chair

Rose Lindeman

Russ Wulf

Tim Hoerst

Ed Tierney